Benefits of owning a vineyard in Walla Walla Valley

Benefits of owning a vineyard in Walla Walla Valley

Benefits of owning a vineyard in Walla Walla Valley

Benefits of owning a vineyard in Walla Walla Valley

Benefits of owning a vineyard in Walla Walla Valley

Benefits of Owning a Vineyard in Walla Walla Valley


Representing the very best of the Pacific Northwest wine industry, it is little wonder that Walla Walla valley is one of the most desirable and attractive locations for any wine-lover considering purchasing their own vineyard.

More than 130 wineries are located in the valley, which spans more than 2000 acres and is an agricultural hub, delivering the highest quality produce, including mouth-watering asparagus, sharp and sweet onions, juicy strawberries and crisp, delicious apples.

However, it is for the production of some amazing red wines that the Walla Walla region is most notable. Cabernet Sauvignon is the most well-known and widely planted grape in the region, followed by Merlot and Syrah. While white wines are produced here, the grapes for their production account for around just 1% of the planted area.

Key benefits of owning a vineyard in Walla Walla Valley

You will be able to produce some exceptional wines

The geography of Walla Walla valley means that the area has all of the ingredients to be able to produce high-quality grapes, and subsequently, outstanding wines. Namely, highly fertile, quick-drying soil, few overcast days during growing season and heat throughout the summer means the wonderfully succulent grapes are ready to be crushed by the time fall arrives.

You may be able to supply grapes to other areas

Many vineyard owners find that their grape production is so successful that they can actually sell excess fruit to other producers in Washington and nearby states.

You will be welcomed by other vineyard owners

You would think that, as an area with an abundance of established wineries, competition in Walla Walla valley would be fierce. However, other vineyard owners in the area are renowned for their friendly, welcoming, and supportive attitudes.

You can make an income from vineyard tours and events

If producing some of the finest wine that the West Coast has to offer wasn’t enough, many vineyard owners also generate a small income from offering tours of their land and facilities and participating in popular events such as the Fall Release Weekend and the Holiday Barrel Tasting Weekend. This also provides you with the ideal opportunity to share your wine with new people and potential buyers.

Walla Walla town has plenty to offer residents of all ages

In addition to the wine-based benefits, you also have a wonderful town and community to enjoy. In fact, Main Street has been named the best small-town main street in the West for visitors. Downtown Walla Walla is packed with interesting restaurants, friendly cafes, boutiques and chain-stores. There is a vibrant and active arts scene, with galleries, theaters, studios, sculptures, music festivals and more to enjoy. And of course, the outdoor space is enchanting, with activities such as cycling, hiking and skiing in the close-by mountains are popular with all ages.

​​​​​​​Whether you are looking at purchasing a vineyard for the first time, or you are a seasoned ‘grower’, it is easy to see why Walla Walla valley should be your first choice for a winery in Washington. To discover what opportunities are available, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced and knowledgeable team of realtors today.